April 9, 2010

Our Website is now up!

First, A HUGE THANK YOU to the following companies for their help and support in getting our site up and running as it would not be as beautiful and representative of us without you.

Illustrations provided by Rip Squeak, Inc.
Photos by Georg Lester Photography
Site Design by Design In Mind

I am asking all of our friends, family and anyone that is willing to assist us in the search to find our baby by sharing our website, blog or Facebook Group with everyone you know. Your help and support could be what brings us together with a wonderful woman/couple willing to place her/their child with us. Thank you again in advance for your love, support and assistance.

March 27, 2010

Nothing New to Report

Hello everyone, as we have said in previous posts it could take a while for us to find a match so just wanted to let you all know you have not missed anything we are still waiting. We are both confident everything will work out and are not worried about anything. We thank you all for your love and support during this process and promise to update you once we have some new news to report.

November 7, 2009

Our Adoption Scrapbook

It took a lot of time and effort and a few very late nights; however, it was well worth the effort. We are so proud of the scrapbook and we were are so thankful and fortunate that Robin helped Norys to create it. It came out far better then we could have ever imagined.

Thank you, for taking a minute to get to know us. If you or someone you know is looking for a loving family to place your/their child with please contact Melissa at Kinship Center Santa Clara County Program Center in San Jose, CA.

If you are reading this blog from my Facebook feed in notes please visit the official blog to view the scrapbook: http://babytrevino.blogspot.com/2009/11/our-adoption-scrapbook.html.

November 4, 2009

YEAH!! We are officially Paper Pregnant

Yes, it is true we are officially paper pregnant and we have plenty of paper cuts to prove it. (Hee! Hee!) We filled out a lot of paperwork, completed many hours of training and several interviews with Melissa our Social Worker and it was all worth it.

We are so happy and excited to be paper pregnant. We came home on our final night of training to LaSandra, Jon, Alana (Sleeping), Shana, Lacey, Pam, Isaac and Gabriel suprising us by baby proofing our home, organizing our kitchen, putting contact paper in all of our kitchen cabinets, balloons, a cookie cake (Shana made it), and brownies (LaSandra made)! It was a huge surprise that kept Norys in shock for about an hour before her eyes watered and really realized what they had just done for both of us. We could not have been more thankful for all of the work they did and for all of the cabinet doors Isaac fixed for us. We are so blessed with such a wonderful and beautiful family.

The following week is when Melissa came by to do our final home-study interview and a walk through of our home. At that point she said she will be working on our home-study write-up but that would not slow us down. So now it could be any day now...but please help us be patient as it could take up to a couple years!

July 26, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

With the exception of Bobby hanging the blinds in the baby's room it is pretty much all done. It is absolutely the nicest room in the entire house. The room came out even better then we imagined and we could not be happier. Norys sits in the room everyday reading her book and enjoying the rocker glider.

We did two photo sessions (The photo's included in this blog post are from those sessions) with Georg Lester, which will be included in our "Dear Birthmom Letter", "Waiting Families Website", and photo album. We are currently working on the "Dear Birthmom Letter" and then we will work on the "Waiting Families Website” and photo album.

As for the Adoption process it’s self we have completed all of the paperwork requested by Kinship Center and are currently awaiting the start of our 8-week training session in Salinas (Every Thursday from 6:00pm-10:00pm). Although we are not looking forward to the long drive out to Salinas, we cannot wait to begin this class, as it is one of the final steps to completing the process. Since our classes do not begin until the end of August we hope to be fully approved and "Paper Pregnant" by the end of October. Norys can't wait to tell people that just because she is not showing that that does not mean she is not a "Mom-to-Be!" She has already looked into getting a T-Shirt (or 2) that say as much. :-)

Well, here are a few photo's from our photo shoot...KEEP US IN YOUR THOUGHTS & PRAYERS! :-)

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June 7, 2009


Well after lots of work, we are getting really close to having the room all set-up. Keldan, Bobby, Juan and I (I was the photographer) have been working relentlessly on getting the room painted, replacing the electrical outlets to GFI's (safer) and installing and painting the chair rail and boarder.

Several nights we stayed up late painting, touching up, and cleaning up the room and finally the moment of truth came last Friday when they delivered the furniture.

Although we are still waiting on the Eco glider, the blinds and the rug majority of the room is all set-up and it looks so good!! We couldn't be happier, we keep stopping in the room just to look at it, now that it is by far the nicest room in our home.


Our Home Study Packet

As we have told you in past posts we have filled out paperwork for Kinship Center but this packet was the biggest so far. We answered questions about where we grew up, how we grew up, and about our relationships with family and friends. In addition to the paperwork we also had to get our fingerprints taken for FBI, and DOJ background checks, request and submit our DMV records, take CPR (Adult, Chilt, Infant) and First Aid course through the Red Cross, and come up with a disaster plan.

Our favorite question that we are still giggling about is "How important are toilet habbits to you?". Really, how does one answer such a question. It is a necessary part of life afterall. :-)

Good news we completed all of the above and submitted our packet on Friday!!! We do not yet know what the next steps are; however, we did leave a voice mail for our social worker to find out and as we find out we will let you all know.

May 20, 2009

Congrats Tio & Titi Conners!!

If you are following Norys on Facebook or Twitter you know that she spent two weeks in North Carolina or the Wedding and baby shower of Baby Trevino's Tio (Uncle) and Titi (Aunt) Conners. It was a non stop two weeks of preparing for the wedding, setting up Baby Conners room and spending time with her best friend. Bobby joined them on the second week and played a few rounds of golf with Guy, went to a bachelor party and hung out with the boys.

We also had the opportunity to hit the beach, and Duke Gardens and enjoyed them both so much. Norys has been driving Bobby nUtS about moving to North Carolina; however, he is not going for it! :-)

BIG THANKS TO LISA for helping us get our Glider, Ottoman, Drapes, Drapery Rod and rug for the living room (so the baby doesn't have to crawl on the wood floors). As you can see we decided to go with cranberry red for the glider, ottoman and the drapes. Our curtain rod is brushed nickel to match the furniture.

While in North Carolina Norys found this great registry tool that allows you to register for multiple stores across the Web and only have one link. So you know Norys she already stared setting it up: http://www.myregistry.com/public/Norys-Robert-Trevino she has intentionally not registered for any clothing or items that would be specific to a boy or girl as we are unsure if we will be getting a boy or girl nor how old exactly! :-)

Well the wedding was beautiful and we think Lisa was the most beautiful bride and are so happy that Guy makes her so happy. He is a good man and will make a great Dad (Brendon & Mandy told us so- Very Reliable Sources). :-)

April 28, 2009

THANK YOU GRANDMA NAOMI!! We love you!!! :-)

We are so excited to announce that Grandma Naomi (Norys' Mom) generously purchased our crib, and dresser with hutch.

Norys was excited when she found the furniture we fell in love with so she decided to take her Mom to Babyland Furniture to show her. Naomi thought the furniture was so beautiful she decided to purchase the crib and dresser with hutch for us that very same day. Naomi went to the counter with Norys to talk to the store owner about the price and before Norys knew it Naomi pulled out her credit card. Norys was jumping up and down for joy kissing her Mom and telling her how much she loves her.

Upon leaving the store Naomi wanted to get a little cake for Bobby for his B-Day so they went to Dick's Bakery (Great cakes!) in San Jose. When they got back to the house with the cake Naomi gave the cake to Bobby along with the receipts. It was so funny to watch as he opened the box to the cake he saw a message that Naomi gave him which said:
"Happy Birthday Bobby!
You have less then eight weeks
to finish the baby's room...
Furniture is on it's way! :-)
Grandma Naomi
Tic Toc

It took him a minute to realize what she was saying and when he did he asked in a surprised tone "Wow did you get us the crib and the dresser with hutch!" and Naomi giggled and said "Yes, yes, Grandma got her future grand baby their first bed and dresser!"

Needless to say once we knew the furniture was on it's way we went to work. We emptied the second bedroom, touched up the paint, Keldan installed a light dimmer and we swept up the room.

Bobby and Keldan are going to be getting the 32' of boarder to go around the room, paint it and install it all before Norys gets back from Lisa's wedding in North Carolina.

Bobby also purchased the armoire that goes with the set (also in antique black) to complete the set of furniture in the room.

Last weekend we went to visit Anna at CSUMB and after a tour of her apartment and her college campus (she graduates this year- we are so proud of her) we all went to lunch in Carmel. As we
were walking around we stopped in our favorite store, Rip Squeak and Friends, where we ended up purchasing three more paintings and two figurines (one for each top corner of the dresser). The paintings are shown here; however, we do not yet have pictures of the figurines so we will post pictures when they arrive.Well that is all for now, however, we have an upcoming blog about our intake meeting with Kinship Center and our next steps in the adoption process. We still have quite a ways to go!!!

April 10, 2009

Adoption Paperwork...Furniture...Strollers OH MY!

We have been busy little bees since our last update, so much has happened! First we choose an agency, Kinship Center, for several reasons; they have a great reputation, they will allow us to pursue both finding an expectant mother that is putting together her adoption plan while at the same time looking at foster/adopt, and finally location as they are 2 minutes from our home.

Once we decided that they were our agency of choice Norys got so excited her eyes were watering and Bobby was looking at her like she was nuts. But then, what else is new. HEE! HEE! :-)

We went to their office to drop off our initial paperwork on Monday and by Friday we received our second packet of paperwork to fill out. Saturday we filled out almost all of it with plans to complete it on Sunday evening. Well, we had some friends over for dinner and while sharing the paperwork with them a drink spilled all over every sheet in our packet. So Norys called first thing on Monday morning to request a new packet.

So we received the new packet on Tuesday but with Grandma Diane’s funeral, work and life we just finished our paperwork last Thursday. This time we made sure there were no liquids near it (lol). We made copies and sent it in the mail on Friday so they would have it first thing on Monday.

We are sad that Grandma Diane will never get a chance to meet our baby, as I know she would have been so excited. She was a wonderful, loving and witty lady that always made us smile. She will be sorely missed. She was eighty years old but with her personality she was more like 30 something because she was so with it. Norys and Diane shared a love of Danielle Steele books and since Diane read so fast Norys has a healthy collection now. Our cousin Stephanie has now taken Diane’s place in passing down the books that Norys will always treasure.

So, we said a lot has happened so here we go. Norys has been going everywhere looking at baby furniture, strollers, and car seats. She narrowed it down to what she liked then Bobby went with her and Norys was so happy. We picked out the furniture for the room, the stroller, car seat and Norys thinks she found the diaper changing station but wants to look a bit more to be sure. Norys even found a rug for the baby's room and for the living room that she wants to get so the baby doesn’t have to crawl on the wood floors.

Here are the things we have decided on this far: